19 months old baby

Question: baby was taken to doctors yesterday and the doc has advised to do a cbc and iron study as she has issue with stool and also her haemoglobin was low and due to the weather she is getting cold n cough now and then ...however baby has progressed with her weight and is active is it still advisable to do the blood test...and now her nose is blocked ....also what snacks and food can be given to baby

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Question: My baby is 6 months old n she had her first 2 teeth (lower) when she was 5 months old n now she is getting her upper two teeth. She is getting runny nose from past one week. After consulting with doctor we gave her Rhinex, 2 ml, 3 times a day however she is still in the same condition. Now we stopped giving her Rhinex n are just giving Nasivion to clear her nose. Wanted to ask if her teething has anything to do with the runny nose as she can't even sleep due to blocked nose as she has to breathe via her mouth.
Answer: Dear teething can be a reason for baby's condition because teething causes so much of body changes in baby and it can be anything sometimes baby Get Loose Motion ,cough ,fever these all are sign of teething .so don't worry just give your baby steam regularly that will help baby to get a good sleep and will open blocked nose and once baby will get her teeth it will be all fine but yes don't forget to give steam regularly .that is the best way to treat cold cough in baby....
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Question: Hii, my baby was 10 months old. She was born with a weight of 2.75kgs now she is 7.5kgs. Is her weight ok according to her age. But she is active. And one more she is vomiting food.
Answer: Dear babies on an average gain 450 grams per month and double their birth weight by 6 months and triple it by the end of an year. So if that is considered ur baby is going fine. Babies usually vomit when they are overfed or they just don't like the food. So do not worry. If ur baby is active abd taking the food properly nothing to be worried. If he vomits try reducing the quantity in to half and give it at a gap of 1-2 hours instead of feeding at one go. Hope it helps.
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Question: M having teeth pain now and doctor advised to do root canal... Is this advisable now
Answer: Dear during pregnancy you should avoid getting any treatment done in first trimester however if it is unavoidable it can be done. As to avoid it you have to take heavy pain killers which is not advisable in pregnancy so get it done if required. Hope it helps.
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