5 months old baby

Question: Baby vomits curd type and is on breastfeeding

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Answer: Yes, it is usually normal if the baby vomits out once or twice a day during the burping. The babies at this age do not know when to stop the feeding. So they end up drink more milk than they should have and is milk mixes with the lactic acid from the stomach and get cuddles During feeding the baby tends to swallow air also, usually seen when the baby is crying too much, this air mixes with the food inside the stomach and cause the vomit. If it is more than 4-5 time of curdy vomiting, kindly consult prdiatrician To prevent the baby spit up, proper burping is necessary. after feeding make your baby sit for a minute on your lap and then take it to your shoulder for the burp, keep your baby in this upright position for at least 10 to 15 minutes after feeding Prevent over feeding. Breastfeeding should be done for 20 minutes at a time, in between hope you are baby and switch the breast Never feed your baby in a lying position always feed him in upright position this allows gases to rise up, this way baby burbs more naturally Also take care of your diet a limit soda drink spicy food and fatty food, if these food cause gas to you they will definitely do the same to your baby
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Question: My baby vomits(curd and watery type) a lot. What should i do?
Answer: Curd looking vomit means half digested milk that is coming out ...after feeding try to keep your baby on your shoulder for more time than usual and make him/her burp properly...pls also check if you are overfeeding which might be another reason...in case still it continues check with paediatrician. I was overfeeding due to which it happened. I stopped it and kept my baby on my shoulder for more time around 20 to 30min ..it is ok now.
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Question: My baby is 3 months old.. he vomits( curd type) a lot even after burping.. plz
Answer: that s common problem at that stage..the digestive system s still developing.. u can try these measures - burp in n between the feeding - burp after the feeding s must, don't settle for one burp sometimes they will burp 2-3 times - try to sit and feed, dont lie down. that way the baby s postioned in slanting hence milk will flow down easy - keep the baby in upright postion for about 20min post feeding
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Question: My baby vomits curd type substance sometimes milk what should i do, should i consult doc
Answer: Hi dear, Dahi or curd nikalna is quite normal new born baby me.but agar bohat zyda dhoodh Nikal rahi hai toh ho Sakta hai ,aap overfeed Kara rahi hai.aur Kai Baar bachche ko burp ya dakkar na karwane se,andar fasi hui hawa bahar na aane se,doodh vomit Kar details hai bachcha. Bachche ko thoda thoda karke bohat Baar Pilate.pehle ek breast se 10 minutes pilane ke baad ,burp karwaye,Aur phir doosre breast se aur 5 minutes pilaye aur burp karwaye. Thoda patience rakhe par burp zaroor karwaye.yahi reason hai bachcha doodh bahar Nikal deta hai .burp se bachcha comfortable bhi feel karega.45 minutes tak Kabhi Kabhi burp karwane me lag jata hai. Breastfeeding waale bachche ke liye utna zaroori Nahi hota but bottle-feeding babies ke liye Bohr zarrori hai kyunki issme baby bohat hawa le leta hai pete waqt.
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