37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby mooving very slow compare with previous situation. Is this normal situation in 35 weeks.

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Answer: This is very normal dear. Due to babys growth and lack of moving space there won't be much movements. Also the baby won't be active all the days. So it's perfectly ok. In one whole day in one hour you will need minimum 5 movements. Then it's ok
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Question: I'm 33 weeks pregnant, my amniotic fluid is 23.5, cervix is 2.9mm is this normal, I'm worried, my previous baby was preterm at 35 weeks. Pls help
Answer: Hello! The amniotic fluid is on the higher level and the length of the cervix is also less. But don't worry, the doctor might ask you to get cervical stitch which avoids complications for short cervix. For more amniotic level, it is better to take bed rest. Don't worry, if followed properly, you can avoid preterm delivery. Take care
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Question: in 35 weeks of pregnancy baby movement becoming slow is it fin?
Answer: At this stage of pregnancy a baby is just barely large enough to press against the outer abdominal wall, which is how you feel the kicks. It's possible that your baby just has enough room to move around still, so you're not feeling the movements as much.  If you are really concerned, I would contact your doctor and ask about it. They can bring you in for a quick viability check by listening with a doppler for the baby's heartbeat.
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Question: hi , i m 26 weeks pregnant , my baby moments are very slow compare to last weeks , actually wat s happening in baby health , please suggest me ......
Answer: Hello, Dear baby's also have active and lazy days just like us. So sometimes we feel movement like baby is playing football and sometimes it's like we have to feel properly to feel baby's movement. So don't worry its completely normal. Baby's movement are important, it's can be high or low.. Its completely normal and fine..
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