12 months old baby

Question: Baby try to stand and walk ...i am very scared to leave on floor ...sometimes he falls off

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Answer: It is normal part of baby's growth dear, you have to leave baby on floor to learn walking. baby floor mats are available online you can purchase that you can place floor mattress gor baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby can stand of his own by holding something. But he never free his hand and stands without support. If we make him stand, he at once begins to crawl... When will he walk of his own. I'm very worried.
Answer: Give him small chair and tell him to move the chair.. with this he try to walk by himself soon. Enjoy too. DNT worry
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Question: Hi everyone, I am facing very bad acne issue on my face and neck area. What should I do? I am 14 week pregnant.
Answer: Dear it's a bery common symptom in pregnancy. You can try multani mitti to get rid of it
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Question: Hi, My son is having constipation problem. He is now in 10 months. His pee is very tight, I am giving 4 meals a day and his food and all is normal only. He is very active. Only problem is he is finding difficult to pee. This problem starts for only 5 days. I am much worried pls do advice. Should I consult doc?
Answer: The problem varies from child to child, try to consult a doctor
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