10 months old baby

Baby suffer from oral thrush

Hi dear, Oral thrush is nothing but fungal or yeast infections in mouth.often babies suffer from this and some are recurrent. If mother is breastfeeding,mothers need to check if she has transmitted it to her baby.it usually take one week to two weeks to recover.though not dangerous,but it could make the feeding process difficult.your doctor would prescribe antifungal swabs to your baby,which is to be applied in the affected area.if mother has thrush on nipples ,then doctor would prescribe antifungal ointment for you.thrush could also result of too much antibiotics is been taken by the baby which kills the good bacteria in body too.it happens due to low immune system so babies are often victim of it.
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Question: home remidies of baby oral thrush
Answer: Congratulations on your baby and welcome to the motherhood. Let me give you a few tips for baby's oral thrush: swabbing the mouth area with pure, virgin coconut oil. yogurt swabs of the oral area and application to the mother's nipples. application of white distilled vinegar and/or a dilute baking soda to mothers nipples. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Home remedies for oral thrush?
Answer: Hello dear, This is oral thrush or candidiasis a fungal infection of the same nature that women can have vaginally and can also occur in skin folds. It is cause by an over growth of normal yeast that we have in our skin flora and fauna. Sometimes an infant can experience this issue orally. When that occurs the best option is to get some oral thrush treatment from your local pharmacy or doctor and apply as directed and it will go away.
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Question: 40 day old baby with oral thrush any homeremedy
Answer: Hello Dear, In many cases no medical treatment is needed. But still, I suggest you to consult your doctor. However, If the fungus is not widespread or severe, you can try any of the home remedies : Probiotics found in yogurt and breastmilk are a great place to start. If your baby is too young for yogurt there are safe probiotics for infants that you can look into. Eat yogurt that contains Lactobacillus acidophilus live bacteria cultures or take them in pills. Probiotics have been effective and harmless for babies too. Acidophilus powder : Acidophilus is a powdered form of the good bacteria. Make a paste by combining acidophilus powder with clean water or breastmilk. Rub this paste in the baby's mouth once daily until the thrush clears up. You can also add one teaspoon of acidophilus powder to formula or breastmilk if the child is bottle feeding. Administer acidophilus once daily until the thrush clears up. Grapefruit Seed Extract : Mix 10 drops with one ounce of filtered water. (Do not use tap water; it can make the treatment less effective.) Apply it in your baby’s mouth and your own nipples once every hour and also before every feeding in your baby’s mouth and after every feeding on your nipples. Sodium bicarbonate : Blend half teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (available in chemist) in half cup of plain water. Use a cotton swab to coat the inside of your baby’s mouth. You should do this after every breastfeeding (if you breastfeed) or as often as you can do it. Coat your nipples too, since that may help the fungus go away faster. Virgin coconut oil : Coconut oil which may help fight the yeast infection that causes thrush. Use a clean cotton swab to apply coconut oil to the affected area. Saltwater solution : Mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water.[18] Then apply the solution affected area using a clean cotton swab. Reduce bottle time : Prolonged sucking on a bottle's nipple may irritate your infant's mouth, making him more prone to an oral yeast infection. Limit bottle time to 20 minutes per meal. Wash toys, pacifiers and breast pumps : To avoid new infections; make sure to wash your baby’s toys, pacifiers, and bottles. It is best if you sterilize them in boiling water for at least five minutes or if you use an electric steam sterilizer. You should sterilize all these things after every use while your baby’s treatment is going on. Air-dry your nipples : Yeast fungus loves moist, warmth and sugar. Stop the fungus from growing on your nipples by washing them and letting them air-dry after breastfeeding as often as you can.
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