4 months old baby

Question: Baby sucks thumb every 2 hr at night... If I try to feed she will suckle for few minutes and sleeps off. This is happening since she was 3 months old Earlier she used to wake up only once for feed and now evry 2 hrs.. Shouldn't babies be sleeping for longer stretches after 4 months??

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Answer: It may take more than a year for a baby to set a proper sleeping habit. Baby sleeping habits can change can I think your baby's tummy is not full that is why she is not getting longer sleep. Sweet baby properly before bedtime and you can give small ft after 2 hours interval if baby is hungry.
Answer: Wait till 3 hrs or else wake her up n feed
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Question: My baby is 2 months old.sometines she take 4-5 hrs long nap at night.should I wake her up every 2 hrs for feeding or should I wait for her to wake up on her own for feed
Answer: Babies will usually let you know when they are hungry. If your baby if on FM then i woukd 4 to 5 hrs would be fine. But if your baby is on BM, its not good to go beyond 3 hrs. So try to wake the baby, but dont force to feed. Let her ask and then feed
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Question: My baby is 7 months now , started with solids rite from 6ty month, but at night she is not sleeping properly , waking up for every 1or 1/2 hr for mid night feedings, but sleeps she sleeps for 9hrs. Even in noon time sleeps only for n hr or so. Earlier in 6th month she slept for 3 to 4 hrs at a stretch and only 2 or 3 mid feedings.. So worried as what to do
Answer: That's normal sleeping throughout the night is a milestone and it is achieved by 2 to 3 years, even if you give solids baby won't sleep without milk they will be awake in mid of nights its normal
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Question: Baby is 2 months old. Nowadays night she sleeps for longer duration. Around 5-6 hours. Whether that gap is fine? Should i wake her up and feed??
Answer: Hi am also phasing same let us see who one helpful
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