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Question: Baby sleeps very less, any remedy?

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Answer: Following tips might be of help – • Dim lights & have relaxing & calming effect on baby • Instead of complete silence, you can try soft sounds or very soft music which will make the baby fall asleep quickly • Maintain right room temperature • Keep the surrounding clean & less of any distraction • Make your child wear comfortable clothes at night • Give your baby massage morning and once at night. • check if baby if not having cold or congestion issue, as it can disturb sleep • Feed your baby nicely for little longer so that once babys tummy is full, he feel sleepy
Answer: Fees him well..this helps..also massaging helps .
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Question: Hi... My 4 month old baby sleeps very less... Any solution??
Answer: Give coconut oil massage to baby when trying to sleep baby massage is helpful for baby to sleep properly
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Question: About my baby sleep, she sleeps very less hours
Answer: Hi dear, My daughter also have same issue and sleeps about 10-12 hours a night. I think some things that have worked well for us are: - white noise (you can get an app too) - consistent routine (bath, lotion, pj's, book, feed in her room, bed) - having a calming persona/vibe when it's bed time (lower voice, dim lights, calming conversation) - upping her night time feeding (I breastfeed and give a 6oz formula bottle. To each his own) - going to bed relatively soon after her last nap (5 or 6 pm nap then start bedtime around 7 or 730.) Hope this helps!!
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Question: Hi... My son sleeps very less.... He awakes as soon as he falls asleep... Any solution?
Answer: Hie Try giving your baby a masssge using a lotion as it would help distress the baby and sleep for longer hours Give swaddling a try as it gives your baby a womb like feeling and warmth and hence the baby feels secure and sleeps for longer interval of time
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