1 months old baby

Question: Baby sleep in day time but not sleep in nigh

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Answer: Hi dear new born baby do have problem in understanding the night and day difference. Do try to not to make ur baby sleep in the evening and give massage and a warm bath. After that u can also make ur baby sleep at night. For fixing the schedule u can try these way. Still baby do take 3 months of time to manage the schedule.
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Question: My baby 7 months. My Baby doesnt sleep much in day time , night she sleep.. but Not day..
Answer: It's ok..... your baby want rest means definitely she will sleep whenever it is day or night. You don't worry on this. If you like this comment means support me by liking my comment.
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Question: Try to sleep in day time but no sleep why
Answer: Actually it happens in pregnancy and try do do work not taking rest all the time ,so by doing work ur body will be flexible and strains and then u will get sleep and by doing some work the stomach will not be tight
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Question: My baby sleeps day time but do not sleep nite time. What will I do
Answer: Keep ur baby engage in day time In night time keep the room dark
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Question: my baby does not sleep in day time
Answer: same problem. .bt I hv also no solution.
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