1 months old baby

Question: Baby's position oblique cephalic means?

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Answer: Hllo dear cephalic position is a situation at childbirth where the fetus is in a longitudinal lie and the head enters the pelvis first (head comes first nd feets after ).it's completely normal nothing to worry abht .
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Question: baby position oblique lie means
Answer: Hello, Dear af a baby is lying diagonally across the uterus, the position is called oblique. It's very unusual for a baby to stay in this position right up until labour so chances are high that baby will move for birth...
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Question: What means oblique position
Answer: A baby is oblique when the baby’s head is in the mother’s hip. The baby’s body and head are diagonal, not vertical and not horizontal 
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Question: Baby position oblique lie means
Answer: Hello, Dear a baby is oblique when the baby's head is in the mother's hip. The baby's body and head are diagonal.
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