8 months old baby

Question: Baby refusing to drink breastmilk, 9 months now, no bad odour in breast at all... He is coming to drink but turning his face otherside suddenly, why?

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Answer: Milk supply reduces generally after 8 months. You will need to check if milk is coming adequate. How long does it take you to feel that your breast are heavy. If it feels not at all heavy that men's supply is coming less. If you really want to continue milking take lactare tablets twice a day. With water or milk/juices. Also, keep your diet very simple and free from excess onion garlic and oily foods.
Answer: Before and after feed ur baby clean ur breast.if u have any wound pls consult ur Dr..
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Question: My 4 month old baby has suddenly changed his sleeping pattern. He was a good sleeper at night but now suddenly since 3 days he is awake and cranky all through the night. Any idea why this is happening?
Answer: Hi dear sometimes baby do change their routine if anything get affected. So check if baby feeding schedule has changed. Or if baby is having gas. Make sure to check if room temperature has changed . Sometimes baby get uncomfortable due to gas specially and do apply hing and water paste in baby navel area. And also make baby di cycling exercise. It will reduce the gas.
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Question: My baby is refusing to drink water at all shall I give water with sugar
Answer: Hi,not reqd,as unnecessary you will be giving extra sugar.give some time baby will take it.also you must be adding water in the food you are.cooming and even the baby must be on .or FM ,so baby is getting h proper proportion of water.
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Question: My baby is 28 days now. He doesn't have jaundice but it's been 2 days now when he's fussy in his sleep why does his face turns all yellow? Otherwise he's totally OK, no symptoms of jaundice at all!
Answer: Hi, its ok allbabies dies that as they also need time to adjust
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