1 months old baby

Question: Baby pukes after feed even after burping her and some time s milk comes out and sometimes curd like substance and she feels uncomfortable and wakes up from her sleep offen

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Answer: If baby not sleeping properly then check her tummy if tummy is tight , if yes then apply Hing paste around navel area. Also make sure that her tummy is full because if baby is hungry then she will not sleep properly and vomiting and spitting is totally normal in small babies as they have the tendency to spit out excess of milk which they have taken if baby is ingesting too much air while drinking milk even then she can face the problem of acid reflux you just keep on working your baby after each and every feed.
Answer: If your baby is only vomiting after feed then baby might be taking larger volumes of milk, it is very normal for baby to vomit part of the milk around feed time and it improves over time.Baby do vomiting may be because of baby does not digest the milk it is normal take your baby in you shoulder and rub the back. so that baby digest the milk easily .
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Question: Baby pukes after every feed even after burping she takes out milk it not curd like substance and she feels uncomfortable and wakes up from her sleep
Answer: . There can be several reasons for this, may be your bbay is taking more milk than required, baby have tendency to spit excess quantity of milk . Vomiting or spiting at this age is totally normal. You judt make sure to burp her after each and every feed. Try to do on and off feeding, that meand feed her for few minutes then burp , again feed her for frw minutes and burp again . Baby can vomit in curd form or even liquid milk also, nothing to worry in both situations. She can also vomit if she is facing acid reflux, makr sure that she don't ingest air while feeding, babies intake air while feeding especially bottle fed baby do so, this air give them gas issue. Take care.
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Question: Hi..my baby is 27 days old..she spits up even after burping...and sometimes everything comes out of her nose..is this common? Sometime she spits up milk and sometimes it will be like curd.. which is common?
Answer: Hi this is a very common problem babies have. But you should remember one thing only the excess intake is coming out from their mouth. So nothing to worry at allReflux is normal upto 3-4 months of age. While feeding, baby takes air along with milk. When u hold baby in upright position for burping, air bubbles come up settling milk down. Sometimes, excess milk comes as a reflux .. Try to burp the baby at least three times after every feed. Make sure baby is feeding well too
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Question: Baby spits out milk like curd even after burping ..alot ..
Answer: Give her colicaid medicine ...or apply hing mixed in water on baby stomach
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