1 months old baby

Question: Baby poops 4 times a day.Is it normal?

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Answer: Hello dear!It is completely normal to poop once in 7 days or upto 7 times in a day!Do not worry unless the stool is completely watery and persists the same way more the 3 times.Rush your baby to the paediatrician in that case to make sure that your baby does not get dehydrated!Also keep the temperature in check,if it rises,definitely rush to the doctor.
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    anitha lingala1080 days ago

    Yes its normal

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    Sreya Vithun1059 days ago

    Hi doctor

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    sapna thapa1055 days ago

    There's a wide variety of normalpooping behavior among babies: Somepoop after every meal and some only once or twice a week. ... Breastfed newborns often poop after every feeding (roughly six to 10 times a day), but after three to six weeks or so, they can slow down and start having less frequent bowel movements.

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    jannat1053 days ago

    My baby does during feeding bt his poop is watery green ..wt does dat mean he is completely on bm

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    Mrs Amin1047 days ago

    Hi doctor! My baby is nearly 2 months. She does poops once a day sometimes or 2 to 3 times a day or not at all a day.. If she does once it's heavy like compared to when she does 2 3 times and these days its kind of watery.. Is it to worry about?

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    Pavani Karthik1026 days ago

    If it is green check ur intake of foods if u take veggie leavs then baby poop will be green...

Answer: Yes.baby finally pooped 5th day and was seedy and semi watery But now the gas baby is very uncomfortable Should I start gripe water But don't know how much Baby is a priemie born on 12th july at 35.5 weeks via c-section
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Answer: Hi, my baby use to suck my nipples more often and longer and than get sleep. Is it normal??
Answer: My baby pooped 12 times a day. Its normal to poop even after every feed
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    Raju Victor1043 days ago

    Upto 7 to 10 times considered as normal in breastfeeding babies. If it is formula milk then consult your doctor.

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    swapnita sahu1029 days ago

    My baby poop once in a week and she is in breastfeed.. Is it normal??

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    Dee Deee1029 days ago

    Once in a week is not normal. Talk to ur doctor. He may need medicine for constipation. Is he taking enough breastmilk? Is he gaining wait?

Answer: If on mother feed poops 10 times no problem sos
Answer: Yes its completely normal. No need to worry
Answer: My 1month baby also poops 4 times a day.
Answer: Yes.. Its is normal upto 6 months
Answer: Yes its normal dnt worry...
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    Anonymous1075 days ago

    My baby also going poop daily 10times it causes any problem

Answer: completely normal
Answer: its quite normal
Answer: its normal
Answer: Yes
Answer: His
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Question: My baby poops 4 times a day is it normal?
Answer: Yes dear, it's very normal. Sometimes baby do poop frequently so as long as baby is healthy and is feeding properly there is nothing to worry about. Just check your diet if anything heavy you are eating then eat just light food for few days..
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Question: my baby poops 4 to 5 times a day.is it need to worry?what should i do
Answer: Hello dear, don't worry its absolutely normal. My kiddie experienced the same and my doc said upto 3months 5-10 times potty a day or sometimes no potty for 5 days is normal.also the infants system produces a lot of gas it is not because of your food,please eat healthy as the kid need all the nutrition. :)
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Question: My baby 50 days old,she urinates 20 times a day and poops around 8 times a day.is it a normal or not,baby is breast feed
Answer: it's normal all babies are different some poops 8 times a day and some in 8 days .My baby comes in 2 condition poops weekly.
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