4 months old baby

Question: Baby poop or gas is very smelly

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Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to check on your diet first, have simple food (non greasy and no spices). However, some babies with very sour smelly poop may have an intolerance or allergy. In general, breastfed baby poop doesn't stink at all, while that from formula-fed infants is just lightly odorous. You can apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice, it will give him/her some relief. If no relief in 48 hours, see a pediatrician.
Answer: Hi dear put or gas is supposed to be smelly uncommon hinsa please don't worry send babies are only on milk and the milk itself creates a lot of gas in the stomach which causes this hence it's good in a way that the baby is able to release it out.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My babies poop is very smelly
Answer: Dear mild smel is there for the babies who take formula milk. However if the poop is extremely smelly please consult doctor once to be on safer side as this is not normal and has to be checked. Hope it helps.
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Question: My beby has smelly gas and no poop its normal?
Answer: Hello If your baby has smelly gas, it may be because of the food you are consuming dairy products. Whatever it is you consume affects your baby's bowel movement, so if you eat a lot of gas producing food like broccoli, wheat, and more - your baby will feel gassy too. And where there's gas, there's odor! It is normal if ur baby not passed poop. It is normal with breastfeeding babies. Just check the wet diapers of baby. Breast milk gets easily digest and thers nothing left to poop out. Just mke sure u continue Breastfeeding ur baby at regular intervals Give ur baby bicycle legs Do tummy massage with hing paste or luke warm Oil
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Question: My baby is passing gas nd it is very smelly is it normal pls suggest me
Answer: Hello dear, Babies can  become gassy if the enzymes from gassy foods are transferred through breast milk. Cut gas-inducing foods such as beans and cauliflower from your diet to see if it makes a difference in your baby's comfort after eating. Massaging your baby's belly in a downward motion can also help relieve gas pain....Giving your baby time to burp after a feeding can help remove excess air through the mouth. Gripe water is a completely natural mixture of herbs, that are known to settle an upset stomach. you may be more comfortable trying it to see if it makes a difference in your baby's gas pains. Hope it helped... Take care urself...
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