5 months old baby

Question: Baby passes hard stool with drop of blood trace please tell some remedy other activities and feeding is asusual

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Question: Hi, after delivery I am trying hard to pass the stool and having blood in stool why this is happening to me?
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear due to constipation blood s coming from poop .constipation s a common problem afret delivery so take warm milk before bed time too, take papaya regularly ,drink plenty of water. Around 10 glasses nd 3to 4 ltr liquids a day is recommended. advised to go 4 walk nd high-fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains nd prune juice s also helpful. Try it
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Question: Hello mummies...my 7 months old baby poop (stool)is very hard and constipation problem...what should I do??and hard motion is anything serious??
Answer: What are you feeding him in soild and which milk you hv to figure out which thing u hv introduce and creating problem as baby digestive system is still not so strong
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Question: My baby eat alot of paint from walls ,he is 2.5 years old... Tell some remedy ???
Answer: Take care and try to be with baby maximum time... This is quite common .. You give him banana in empty stomach and after lunch... And bit more water.. Don't worry... Take care👍
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