23 months old baby

Question: Baby out more waterely laar from mouth

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Question: Hi..saliva s coming out more from baby mouth..
Answer: Hello! There is nothing to worry, some babies do drool more. Since your baby is two months hence chances of teething is less, but drooling also happens for teething. Take care
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Question: Continuous water coming out from my baby mouth
Answer: Hello, dear it is drooling it happens when baby is not teething. so just check if baby is on teething then give him some teether and wear him bib so that his clothes don't get wet it's completely normal once baby get a single tooth it will stop on its own.
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Question: My baby is 3 month old.saliva comes out from his mouth and wet his clothes.why does saliva comes out from his mouth?
Answer: Hi dear,it is normal ,it happens when baby is teething. It is also because baby has not learn to swallow their saliva At this age,babies also develop the ability to chew as well as the muscles contril to out their hands in their mouth both if which stimulte saliva production However if you feel the drooling is too much in that case you should consult your Dr Else there is nothing to worry I hope my ans helped you. Take care
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