Few days old baby

Question: Baby of 38 days shakes hand like frightened but today he is doing more frequently wat may be the reason either noise or somethinelse

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Answer: it's normal fr babies to shiver dnt worry dey often do it fr some time .
Answer: thankss for answer ..
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Question: My baby is peeing more frequently... May I know the reason.... He is two months and 24 days old
Answer: Dear at this age babies are only on milk and also winters are there which may cause frequent peeing. My daughter was November born and used to pee after every 25 minutes and this was considered absolutely normal by the doctor. Hope it helps.
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Question: my baby is vomiting large quantity of milk after two hours of feeding.. this happened yesterday and today also he did the same.. wat may be the reason?
Answer: change your diet and check. u do not take more spicy food. may b if your baby started rolling it may b one of the reason. If it continues it is better to consult with your pediatrician. If it is small amount then no worries
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Question: my baby is putting efforts while doing poo he is making some kind of noise what could be the reason
Answer: Hi,it is normal and both to worry.kt can also be if the baby has constipation or hard stools.it is advisable to apply cocunut oil or vaseline to the anus of the baby which will help.tje baby to pass the motion feely.
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