4 months old baby

Question: Baby ki massage ki koi video share kro? Pls

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Answer: Dear its possible to share vidio but I can share u the method of masage to baby Sit on a bed or soft carpeted floor with a towel in front of you. You can also place a towel on a table to massage your little one while you stand. The towel helps absorb excess oil.maintain a comfortable room temperature. During winters, ensure that the room is warm and during summers make sure there is ample circulation of cool and fresh air in the room. Babies do feel warm quickly and tend to become cranky. . The simple way to do this is by taking some oil in your palms and rubbing it gently on the baby’s tummy and behind his ears, and observe his body . If he resists being touched or grumbles and cries when massaging, then it is probably not the right time, yet. If he shows positive signs and seems okay with what you are doing, then you can go ahead with the massage. After tgat Rub some drops of oil on your palms and begin massaging the baby’s soles. Massage the heels up to the toes with your thumbs. Then, using your palm, stroke the bottom and top of the baby’s foot. Slowly, make circles with your thumb all over the bottom of each foot and then to the toes. Do not pull any toe like they do in adult foot massage. Instead, lightly massage each toe right to the tip. This will help stimulate nerve endings.. Lift one of the legs and make gentle strokes on the ankle and slowly extend it towards the thighs. Gently stroke from the foot up to the thigh. You can also massage both the legs at once if your baby is calm and relaxed.you end the leg massage by gently grasping the thighs with both your hands. Slowly stroke toward the heart from foot to thigh, like you are gently wringing a towel. After the legs have been massaged, the arms should be massaged. Hold the baby’s hands and make circular strokes on the palms. Slowly make small strokes on the baby’s fingers moving towards the tips of the fingers. Turn his hand around and now gently massage the back of his hand with straight strokes towards the wrist. Then, gently massage his wrists in circular motions, like putting on bangles. Move your strokes slowly towards his forearm and then towards the upper arm. Massage entire arm with gentle circular motions as if you are wringing a towel. After tgat massage to the chest of the baby. Next comes the baby’s stomach. Remember, this is a delicate area, and therefore you must avoid even the slightest of pressures. You start your stroke from the top of the belly right below the chest bone. Place your palm gently below the chest bone and make clockwise circular strokes across the belly – all around the belly button. Do not apply any pressure and let your hand gently glide across the belly. Continue the circular motions in clockwise direction while avoiding the belly button. In young babies, the belly button/navel can be sensitive and delicate since they would have recently shed their umbilical cord stub.in last do face nd head massage. But it is as important as massaging the other parts of the body. Begin by placing the tip of your index finger at the center of your baby’s forehead and slowly stroking along the outline of his face towards his chin. From the chin, move your finger towards his cheeks and massage his cheeks gently in a circular motion. Repeat the strokes a few times. After massaging the face, start massaging the scalp with the fingertip like you are shampooing the baby’s hair. Use gentle pressure from your fingertip and do not apply any extra pressure since the baby’s skull is delicate.in last massage to yr babies back It is finally time to turn your baby around and massage his back. Place your baby outstretched on his tummy with his hands at the front and not on the sides. Place your fingertips on the baby’s upper back and trace clockwise . Try it
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