36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby ka head dawn kab hota hai??

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Answer: We cannot say the exact time but it will turn from the beginning of 9th month or 8th month ending
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Question: baby ka head dawn Kab hota hai niche cervix ki traf ??
Answer:  When you are 30 weeks pregnant, your baby should be in a cephalic (head down) position. Unfortunately, this is not the case for at least 25% of expectant mothers. Even so, it is normal for a baby to turn their head at 34 weeks. It should be of concern only if yourbaby does not turn their head after the 36 week mark.
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Question: Mera edd 17 oct ko hai. Bt abhi tak baby ka head dawn nhi hua hai.. I'm warried..
Answer: Hello, dear usually first delivery Mein Aisa Ho jata hai ki baby Apna head jaldi engage nahi karta and Japan start Hoti Hai Tabhi baby apna hai neeche ki taraf se kya hota hai. aap daily thodi walk Kare usse baby ka hai jaldi Neeche aayega. Yeh bahut normal hai and ismai chinta Vali koi baat nahi hai.
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Question: Bby ka head down kab tak hota hai
Answer: Hi dear, Post 29 weeks baby cephalic position me as jata hai.but har pregnancy different hota hai,so baby Ka position 29 th week ke baad Kabhi bhi change ho Sakta hai.
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Question: baby ka head position kab niche aata hai ? Incase niche. Nahi aata to kya hota hai ??
Answer: hi dear,generally within 36 weeks your baby should fix its head in cephalic position. But in some cases baby keep floating after 36 weeks also. In such cases normal delivery is risky. Then you have to go for ceserean.
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