4 months old baby

Question: baby k face pe mosquitoes ne bite kiya hai. ..kya lgaau uspe

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Answer: Below are top natural home remedies for mosquito bites on babies. Baking Soda One of the most popular home remedies for mosquito bites on babies is baking soda which is inexpensive. Its alkaline characteristics are beneficial for restoring the pH level on the skin and reducing itchiness quickly. • One teaspoon of baking soda should be dissolved in 1 cup of water. • A clean cloth needs to be dipped in it and placed over itchy areas for about 10-15 minutes. Lemon With anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties, lemon is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for mosquito bites on babies. • A lemon should be cut into 2 pieces and rubbed over affected areas. • Alternatively, you can use freshly squeezed lemon juice to rub over the skin. Salt Also being anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, sea salt is another effective home remedy for mosquito bites on babies which you can find immediately in the kitchen. Simply use the sea salt water to clean the skin areas bitten by mosquitoes. You can also combine garlic salt and water to get better results.
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Question: My son is 82 days old. Usko mosquitoes ne kata hai face pe konsa ointment apply kar sakti hu
Answer: Hello dear Remedies for mosquito bite: 1. Don't scratch the bite. 2. Try calamine lotion 3. Use a cold compress or ice pack 4. Apply some baking soda paste 5 .Heat up a spoon and apply to the bite.
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Question: stretch marks tummy pe ho gaye kya lgaau
Answer: Apply castor oil on the stretch marks and massage the area gently in circular motion for about five to ten minutes.Use a plastic bag to cover the area, roll a hot water bottle on it for about 30 to 40 minutes. The heat opens the pores and the oil gets absorbed into the pores.Clean the area and repeat it every day for at least a month to see good results.
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Question: Mera baby 4 months ka h, abhi m delhi se dhanbad shift hui hu to usko boht mosquitoes ne bite kr liya face pr m usko jaldi relief dene k liye kya lga skti hu??
Answer: In summers you can give 4-5 drops of grieve water or apply hing paste around the naval of baby
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