4 months old baby

Question: Baby just had his vaccination and he is 3 months old.. what temp is considered normal.. and wat is fever temp.. he is 98.6 now us it normal

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Answer: It is a slight fever. You can give 0.3 ml of Calpol (paediatric paracetamol) every 6 hrs if thr fever increases. Keep a thermometer handy and monitor the temperature. Do not give more than 0.3ml. it will reduce in a day.
Answer: hi dear this temperature is constant normal there is nothing to worry anything above 100 degrees is considered as fever. only thank you need to give baby paracetamol syrup as of now it is normal nothing to worry dear
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Question: My baby is 50 days old. He had his vaccination yesterday and gd fever now. Is there any home remedy for fever or should I for medicine only?
Answer: Hi. for a baby to experience a minor reaction such as redness at the injection site, a mild fever, fussiness, or a slight loss of appetite "These are actually encouraging signs that the immune response is working,". 1.Keep the temperature of the room cool and comfortable, and make sure your baby is wearing loose and breathable clothing. 2. Another effective way to provide pain relief for babies after shots is to apply a clean, cool washcloth on the sore area. It will help reduce the soreness and tenderness 3.One of the best ways to help your baby calm down after being vaccinated is to distract him. Bring him a new gift or a toy that will grab his attention for a while. You could also try switching the TV on, to distract him from his pain. Playing a game of peek-a-boo could also help. 4. Most important keep feeding and stay close to your baby. 5. You can give paracetamol to baby if prescribed by doctor it also helps in releiving pain. Good luck.
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Question: My 9days old baby has 98.6°F temp underarm.is it fever? What should i do?
Answer: Hi dear, that's totally normal Temperature . 98.6 is apt body temperature. In case u feel ur baby has hot head that is due to baby's having active sweat glands . It's very commonly observed in babies of age 0 - 12 months.
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Question: My baby is 2 months old..i count his temp n it is 98.6..is it normal?
Answer: S dear, normal.. alwys use thermometer to knw temperature.. if temperature above 100 dn he z having fever r lse not.. 99 also normal nthng 2 worry..t.c
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