1 months old baby

Question: Baby is 40 dyz old can we do oral sex aur something else

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Answer: Hello! Oral sex is safe but for intercourse you need to wait for atleast 45 days. Also make sure if you have intercourse you take precautions as there are chances of you getting pregnant. Take care
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Question: From which month we can do sex for normal delivery my baby is 40 days old
Answer: Hi dear if now everything is normal, u can have sex as in Normal delivery u can have sex after 4 to 6 week of delivery. Just do take care to avoid any pressure to ur stitching area.
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Question: Can we do oral sex during first trimester?
Answer: Sex during pregnancy may not be safe for women with a history of repeated miscarriages, preterm labor, bleeding, or an incompetent cervix or you have cramps or pain in abdomen or you feel any discomfort after sex . If you dont have the above conditions you can have sex.
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Question: 5months old baby can we do sex
Answer: Hello! Yes you can do if you don't have any problem and as long as both of you are comfortable. But make sure that you take precautions as if your periods are not started then also there is chance of getting pregnant. Take care
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Question: Can we do oral sex If Doctor avoided to do sex
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,if you can have oral sex.
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