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Question: Baby is not Breast feeding even after a month .. giving express milk .. what should be done

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Answer: Don't give any other milk otherwise he or she will not take yours. Keep trying to give otherwise baby will never take yours
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Question: I m not getting enough breast milk to feed my baby....even after feeding her stomach is empty ....what should i do to increase breast milk
Answer: Eat raw papaya curry,milk products , 🍞 with coffee,buns,telagapindi curry with garlic gloves,etc
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Question: After 6 months what milk should be given to baby if breast milk is not there??
Answer: Hi, You can give foemula milk,they are easily available in pharmacies.You can give according to the age of your baby.Try to improve your lactation by altering your diet ans using some lactation promoters like galact granyles.Eart carrots,Almonds,chana puffed,ghee feied garlicetc.,
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Question: My baby spit out milk after almost every feeding even after he gets a burp.. what should I do?
Answer: She's probably just getting the hang of feeding. And she's not alone: Almost half of young babies spit up regularly. The peak age for spitting up – also known as reflux – is 4 months. When your baby swallows air along with his breast milk or formula, the air gets trapped in with the liquid.
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