38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby is in cephalic presentation but he have single loop umbilical cord on his neck is it possible normal delivery

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Answer: Yes, it is possible. But you have to choose a good hospital. At the time of delivery, loop may not appear. Even though cord on his neck, normal delivery is possible.
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Question: Is single loop code around neck with cephalic position is possible for normal delivery
Answer: There is high risk.Depends upon doc whether they will take risk or not. Also, depends upon baby's vitals during labour
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Question: Hi everyone, I'm 35 weeks pregnant, I did my scan today it shows that Single Loop cord around the neck...I'm worried.. is it possible for normal delivery
Answer: Yes dear it's possible if the baby change its position in some cases
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Question: Baby is cephalic position with single cord round head in 35 weeks scan is it possible for normal delivery this is my 2nd delivery first is normal
Answer: Yes best position for normal delivery....best of luck
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