38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby is in breach position. What should I do to be normal delivery?

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Answer: • Use the Forward-leaning Inversion off the couch, for 30-45 seconds, 5-7 times in ONE day • The Breech Tilt for 5-10 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Do not sleep in bed this way. • Once or twice a day, do the Sidelying Release. Please take professional help or help of your partner to do these exercises. Watching videos of how to do these exercises might help.
Answer: Hello! Generally at 38 weeks there is very less chances of the baby to change its position. I would suggest be mentally prepared for a csection delivery.
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Question: In anomaly scan my baby is in breach position...what I have to do some says that I can't give normal birth in breach position
Answer: you are in your 22 weeks and you have 18 more weeks to your due date so do not worry walking is the best exercise that a pregnant women can do for all the possibilities of normal delivery .. your baby has now lot of space inside your amniotic sac so your baby will be moving around and by the end of your second trimester or 30 weeks your baby may change to cephalic position .. some babies do turn or change their position closer to the delivery also so when there are possibilities we shall try up without giving up.. do walking squatting climbing up the stairs sweeping and mopping the floor this will help you to change your baby's position. do practice breathing exercise at early morning everyday which will help you a lot during your delivery .. people will often give their opinions do not hear them and get stressed .. they say from their own experiences and it is not the common fact.. a baby can change from its breech position anytime you are not at 40th week to worry.. you are at your 22 weeks and your baby will have more space to rotate and change its position everything will be fine you just keep walking walking walking .. don't strain when you walk you can take rest halt and then walk at morning n evening
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Question: Hi, i am in 34 weeks, baby still.in breach position. What should i do for the normal baby position
Answer: Hi.. Nothing can be done if baby position is not in cephalic as it depends on baby and it is not in our hands. It is normal and nothing to worry about. Baby can change their position at the last moment also. In the last trimester, the mom should not take much stress. It will afffect the baby more. So, dont worry.Everything that happens...will happen only for Good. Trust in God and trust in ur doc... all will be good
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Question: What can be done if baby is in breach position?
Answer: Hi Dear! Breech position or head up generally delivered through C-Section. Breech position has got nothing to do with physical activity and almost nothing you do will turn the baby. Depends on body built/ shape of the uterus/ baby's comfort and many other factors but you could still ask you're OB for some exercises to help you stretch out. Please do not try any manual ways to try n turn your baby. It could be fatal. All the best for your delivery!
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