5 months old baby

Question: Baby is born 22days before due date so when i wean according birt month or according edd

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Answer: Weaning can be done according to birth month. Prematurely born babies catch up with the other normally mature babies in every aspect including milestones, weight and other systems development. So they can be managed by their birth age. You can start one food item and watch for 3 days before introducing a second item
Answer: Birth month only.... It is a term baby.... So everything would be calculated according to birth date only.
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Question: due date is correct or my baby will born in before or after the due date
Answer: Due date is estimated date for delivery however delivery could happen before or after depending on pregnancy.
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Question: Hi my baby preterm baby (27week) she's born apr10th but edd July 7th. When to start weaning according to birth or edd date. Any one suggestion
Answer: Hello! For introducing of solids in case of preterm babies you need to wait. Suppose you can introduce solids after 6 months + 13 weeks. Please avoid introducing any thing before that as it might result in infection. Take care
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Question: My EDD is 6th Jan 2019.When are the babies generally born - before or after edd??Can someone share their experience of actual Date of birth and edd
Answer: Hello friends I would like to say if u r planning normal delivery then u can expect after Edd else if u plan for c section u can go after 37 weeks of pregnancy
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Question: Do babies born before due date?????
Answer: Hi dear, There are very possibility for babies to be born before due date. Depending upon how they progress into labour. Since u have have completed 37wks u have now become a term pregnancy..Alhamdulillah.
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