5 months old baby

Question: Baby is about to cmplete his six months .. now the docter has suggested to giv him dal ka pani with a pinch of salt and electrol as he was a little bit less energetic today.. is it ok to give him salt as he is jst 5 nd half months

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Answer: Hi, Yes small amounts of salt indiet of babies is nothing to be worried about. They need less than 1g per day until they are one year old
Answer: Jus pinch of salt is ok.. Not as much as required... If salt is not added the food becomes bland and baby may not eat.
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Question: What happens if a pinch of salt and ghee is added to dal water for 5 months old?
Answer: Initially you should not give anything except Breastmilk until 6 months salt is not recommended for babies below 1 year, your baby need 0.4 g of sodium upto below 1 year it will come for them from Breast milk Your baby's kidneys can't cope with more salt than this. Ghee is recommended from 7-8 months of age that 2-3 drops in solid food
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Question: My baby is going to complete 6 month.can i give him salt nd sugery food like dal ka pani with little salt all people are saying that i should start .what to do
Answer: After completion of six month you can start semi solid food you can give your baby rice potato and some leafy vegetables. You can give calcium rich food like milk and other dairy products iron rich food like leafy vegetables. Dal for protein requirement and you can also give him chicken etc.
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Question: Hello doctor...can i use little salt or sugar in raagi for my 6 months baby...as she is liking to eat sweet and i use to add little bit of salt in chawal or daal ka pani
Answer: Dear baby's actually dont have any taste in mouth it's just our perception that baby will like salty or sweet. So you can add a pinch of salt in baby food but avoid sugar till baby is 1 years..
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