30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby heartbeat is 155

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Answer: Hi dear dint worry. heartbeat from 110 to 180 is considered normal nothing to worry. Just take care of ur diet and baby movement.
Answer: Hi,baby heart beat is normal .don't worry anything till 160 is fine.
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Question: hello my baby heartbeat is 155 BPM . Is it OK ?
Answer: Hello Dear It is Perfectly Fine.No need to worry. The heart rate of a healthy baby in the womb ranges from about 120 to 160 beats per minute. 
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Question: Hi madam my baby heartbeat 155 if boy or girl heartbeat say difference the heartbeat
Answer: Hi dear as you are 19 weeks now usually the Heartbeat will differ are the baby grows so you don't need to worry about the sex of the child and be happy that we are blessed with the child there are so many couples who long for babies so whatever the sex of the child be happy with that
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Question: If the heartbeat is 155 Can we expect girl?
Answer: Hi dear there is no such relation between fetal heart rate and gender but many researcher claim that fetal heart rate towards higher side is a girl and lower side is boy but there is no such strong evidence to support it. Even the most funny fact is my fetal rate was always above 160 but I blessed with a baby boy Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby heartbeat is 155 B/min.....is it boy or girl
Answer: Hi dear, There is no way other than scan can you predict gender.though there are so many myths around about the physical symptoms to relate it with gender of the baby.but none of them are true and has no science behind it.only 15 th week scan onwards one can find the gender of the baby.alao if you are from India,then it is also illegal to detect the gender in clinics.also doctors are not supposed to disclose it it's a crime. Älso refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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