18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby heart beat 158 in 16week nt scan its girl R boy?

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Answer: Hello There is No sure shot way of telling the gender of the baby. These are old wives tales and a myth that are not true as every pregnancy is different. It's a criminal offence finding the gender of the baby.
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    Soma nath1049 days ago


Answer: Hello, Dear baby's heartbeat can't say if it is a girl or boy. All these are just superstition and not at all true. So it's better to just wait for the beautiful surprise..
Answer: It is said that if baby's heartbeat is more than 150, then it should be a girl. Because it is said that girls heartbeat is always more than boys.
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    Heer Sanju1049 days ago

    It's only a myth

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    Megha Garg1049 days ago

    Yes,its only a myth

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    Soma nath1049 days ago

    No its wrong

Answer: Dear from heart beat or anything else u cant predict its baby boy or girl .
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