6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby heart beat epudu kottukuntadhi

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Baby heart beat details
Answer: The baby's heart starts to beat at around 6 weeks. You may be able to hear – and see – your baby'sheart beat for the first time when you're about 8 weeks pregnant if you have an early ultrasound exam. Otherwise, you'll probably first hear it with a fetal Doppler at a regular prenatal care visit. You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks. By the second pregnancy, some women start to feel movements as early as 13 weeks. Early in your pregnancy, you may just feel a few flutters every now and then. But as your baby grows -- usually by the end of the second trimester -- the kicks should grow stronger and more frequent. Studies show that by the third trimester, the baby moves about 30 times each hour. But if I share my personal experience my gynae told me that there should be movement every hour.
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Question: You get Heart & heart beat baby
Answer: Hi dear by a 6 weeks of gestation your baby's heart should formed and started functioning. In your 11th weeks USG you will be able to see your baby's heartbeat. In this time normal fetal heart rate should be 120 - 160 BPM.
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Question: Heart beat to baby 167
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,it is normal to have a heartbeat of 167 for a 13th week baby.gender of the baby cannot be determined by heartbeat.it is a myth and no science involved.
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