39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby head down so it means i am nearer to labour pain..

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Answer: Hello! Head down position is definitely a better position for a normal delivery. But only head down position does not suggest that you are near to labor. There are other factors also. Take care
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Question: Am 9 mth pregnant when my baby head down to labour pain in Normal delivery
Answer: Hi.. Dear no one can assure you till the end whether you will have a normal or a cesarean delivery from before hand. However, you can climb stairs and do squats as well, approximately 20 reps in a day. But, I can give a general advice, which is common for all expecting mothers. However, you need to take approval from your gynaecologist, before doing these exercises, because she is aware of your case.
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Question: I am running 30 weeks.doctor told me baby head is down...anytime may go to labour... is it serious to be head down ?
Answer: No need to worry if baby head is down go for labour by seeing auspicious day.... If u are going for normal delivery then it will have problem otherwise in cesor it is ok.... So don't worry and do labour on auspicious day
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Question: I am in my 37th week. When will my baby will head down to labour
Answer: Every labour is different, and no one can say for sure exactly when your baby will start to move into the position for birth. Generally speaking, first babies tend to engage from about 34 to 36 weeks. However, some babies only engage once labour starts. If your baby hasn't engaged by the time you go into labour, it's likely that the power of your contractions will soon push him down.
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