9 months old baby

Question: 7month baby having high fever calpol given still samee

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Answer: Hello dear Please check the fever with the help of thermometer if it is above 100 you can give Paracetamol. And if it is more than 3 days then you can start antibiotic also, It would be better if you will talk to your doctor about this.
Answer: Give tapid bath with lukewarm water on his back,armmpit and legs for 15- 20 minutes ,make him wear loose clothes and check the temperature after 20 minutes of tapid bath.dont do the tapid bath on chest area
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Question: My baby suffering from fever i hav given her calpol its not reducing fever
Answer: Hello dear. Sorry to hear that your baby is having fever. Let me give you a few remedies to keep the fever in pace. Place a cool, damp washcloth on your child's forehead while she rests. Give your child a lukewarm tub bath or a sponge bath. Remove layers of clothing. Stay indoors. If temperature reaches 101 degrees or higher contact your pediatrician immediately. Take care.
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Question: Iam in high fever can i take calpol tablet
Answer: Some paracetomols are safe to be taken during pregnancy. But never take over the counter medicines without consulting doctor during pregnancy
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Question: My 9 months baby is having fever.....i hv given him calpol drops ....still his body is very hot....wat shl d I do
Answer: Wait and observe and have a check weather his feet is normal or cold...if it is cold dn rub it and put on socks...
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