12 months old baby

Question: Baby has no teeth yet he is one year old

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Answer: Hello! Don't worry teething can start anytime within 18 months of age. Also try giving calcium rich foods like diary products, almonds, oranges, broccoli. Take care
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Question: is it normal that my one year old son has no teeth and not walking yet?
Answer: Hi dear it is completely normal. Both if these can be started till 18 months of the baby. But do make sure if baby calcium and iron level is fine or not. U can consult doctor and can provide both supplement. Also give iron n calcium rich food.
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Question: My son is one year old now... But he has no Teeth...
Answer: its normal dear . teeth can appear anytime in between 6 months to 18 months . some babies have their teeth anytime after 1 year. so don't worry about it
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Question: My baby one year old. No teeth
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Teething is also a milestone stone like other mile stones .Different babies take different times to get their teeth. Most of the babies first teeth is shown when they complete nine months and before they finish ten months. Some tend to develop still later. If your baby does not show any teeth after twelve months consult a pediatric dentist.Take care
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Question: my baby is one year old.. but she has no teeth
Answer: Don't worry. 6 months is common to get a first tooth but that its completely normal not to see teeth as late as 18 months.ENJOY the time of no teeth because the longer they go without teeth the longer the caries bacteria (the one that cause issues with cavities) cant survive in their mouth so you dont have to worry about brushing those teeth! You should still use a wet cloth wrapped around your finger to swipe out their mouth after feedins though as food can get trapped and detoriate on their gums and it gets them used to you handling their mouth for later on when they do get teeth If u find above information relevant do revert. All the best.
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