32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby growth development

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Question: Baby growth development tips and information
Answer: If u want to developed baby growth during pregnancy u can improve your deit chart :- In a pregnancy u need to consume extra protein, calcium and mineral. So u can eat :- 1) dairy products 2) legumes 3) sweet potatoes 4) sweet potatoes 5) Egg 6) broccoli and dark leafy green vegetables. 7) learn meat 8) fish liver oil 9) berries 10) whole grains 11) dried fruits 12) water - 2 lit of water per day . Thanku
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Question: Hi mam at40 days baby growth development
Answer: Hello dear. At 6 weeks, your baby is developing fast, as vital organs and body systems start forming or continue to grow. Weeks 1 to 8 are known as the embryonic period. Your baby is now an embryo. Hope it helps.
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Question: Growth scan shows what...baby development?
Answer: Yes. It shows the growth of baby. It is done to monitor whether each and every part of baby is developing properly or not.
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