3 months old baby

Question: Baby girl is 3 months old.. Can we zt

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Answer: Hi dear, can you please post your complete question.
Answer: Hello May I kno ur complete query
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Question: From when we can start using baby carrier?My baby girl is 3 months old now.
Answer: Hi, welcome to motherhood dear You can start using baby carrier after your child is 5 months old .you should take care if following points for the safety of your child Make sure that you constantly supervise the baby in the baby carrier and the material or cloth should not cover the baby in such a way that that you can't see the baby s face. Carry your child close to your body in an upright position To ensure that baby fiesent feel best ,make sure that you don't wear the baby multiple layer of clothing . Make sure that baby s belt is fastened properly and ensure that there us good support to baby s body and neck. Never lie down while carrying g your baby in the baby carrier Hope this information helps. Take care
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Question: How can we know if there is baby girl or baby boy after 3 months pregnancy.??
Answer: Dear I can understand being a mum you can't help it be curious about baby gender..but honestly it's better to wait till delivery for the beautiful surprise.. also only ultrasound can help you detect baby gender otherwise there are many games online to predict baby gender they are all myth but for fun sake you can play that..
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Question: Which fruits we can give 7 months old baby girl
Answer: Hello dear. Fruits are a healthy addition to baby's diet. Local and seasonal fruits can be given to babies based on ur baby's preference. My daughter loved apple, banana, orange, papaya. Hope it helps.
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