5 months old baby

Question: Baby gets CRANKY in evening please suggest

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Answer: Hello dear Ur baby might be have teething problem. Thats why he is cranky which can happen only when new tooth is erupting,Causing gum pain. Teething pain can be reduced by: 1. Give ur baby cold and hard things 2. Put pressure on gums by pressing with ur finger
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Question: Baby gets cranky in the evening what should be done. Plz suggest.
Answer: Hello. It's absolutely normal. Baby takes time. More you interact with your baby more he will learn the communication and his language will also improved a lot. Babies have very high grasping power they can learn many languages at a time. Take care Plz give thumbs up if it's helpful thanks.
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Question: My daughter is 31 days old she gets cranky in the evening daily so what should I do she not even sleeping in the evening
Answer: May be this is the sign of colic.try abdominal massage and apply hing
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Question: My baby girl gets cranky sometimes without any reason. what could have made her cranky apart from hunger n sleep?
Answer: Dear these are the two main reason actually at this age that makes baby gets cranky. Another reason is at 3 yrs ur baby needs good amount of physical activity. Babies also get cranky if they are not getting sufficient physical activity as well. Cold and cough could be another reason for babies to get cranky. Hope it helps.
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