4 months old baby

Question: Baby food chart pls

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Answer: No water honey cow &Buffalo milk solid food janam gutti
Answer: No food no water only breast feeding
Answer: No need to solid food till 6 mnth
Answer: No water no honey no cowmilk
Answer: Till 6 month only b m or f m
Answer: No food for 4 month old baby
Answer: B m has everything for baby
Answer: No chart pls consult dr.
Answer: Milk pio milk badhega
Answer: No food till 6 mnth
Answer: Breast milk badhao
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Question: Baby food chart pls
Answer: Hello dear... Kids diet should contain all nutrients that needed for body's development both mentally and physically... Diet chart After wake-up give a glass of milk Breakfast Veg Poha Aloo paratha Panneer paratha Idly Dosa Health mix poridge Egg dosa Bread toast with butter Mid morning Fruit salad with honey Peanut ladoo Fruit milk shake Lunch Dal rice Veg rice You can also mix any veg poriyal with rice One egg daily Curd rice topped with dryfruits,carrot,pomogranate Evening Dry fruits Ground nut Chikki Rice flakes Makhana Dinner Chappati Veg dosa Uthappam Veg khichdi Rasam rice Before bed Glass of milk
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Question: Pls give food chart for 9month baby
Answer: Hello dear, Here I am sending some idea for baby diet plan. You can follow according to ur conviniance.... Early Morning 1/2 to 1 cup milk Breakfast.... Oats Apple porridge, Suji porridge, Plain dosa, Sweet potato kheer, suji Upma, Moong dal cheela, idli with chutney. Mid-Morning...... Banana slices, Water melon scoops, Veggies sticks, Cheeku pieces, Sweet potato fries, Cucumber sticks, Strawberry quarters Lunch..... Sweet potato parantha, Beetroot parantha, Paneer bhurji sandwich, Rice, dal and green beans sabji , Red rice pulao with curd, Chicken soupwith noodles, Rice with fish. Afternoon...... Fruit Yogurt, Banana smoothie, Papaya milkshake, Orange wedges, Cornflakes with milk, Cheeku smoothie, Strawberry milkshake. Dinner....... Masoor dal khichdi, Moong dal cheela, Star parathas with aloo curry, Dal parantha, Paneer parantha, Dosa with aloo masala, Spinach Khichdi with curd... Hope it helped.. Take care ur little one....
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Question: 6+ month baby food chart pls
Answer: Hello dear, Its better to start with veggies/fruit purees  at a time, first start with veggies like squash,sweet potato.... and maybe later peas, carrots. Fruits u can try banana, apple,plums, peaches, pears....You can also mix these veggie/fruit purees with rice cereal.  Rice is gluten free and easier to digest than wheat....Grains/Cereals/Pulses: Oats, Barley, Rice, Semolina (Rava/Sooji), Split yellow gram (moong dal), whole green gram. Wheat can be introduced during the last week of 6th month. Don't give Non-Vegetarian foods earlier 1 year.  Avoid giving cow’s milk as the main drink till your little one is 1 year old. Stick to breast milk or formula till then. Avoid sugar and salt from a 6 month old baby’s diet....Keep in mind that breast milk or formula should be the major part of a six-month-old baby’s diet. So breastfeed or bottle-feed first and then give him solid food. Take care ur little one....
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Question: Pls suggest 11 months baby food chart
Answer: Follow this complete diet chart Early Morning,Breakfast,Mid-Morning,Lunch,Afternoon,Dinner,Latenight Mon BM / Formula Besan ka cheela Banana slices Khchdi with veggies and curd BM / Formula Chapati with pumpkin curry BM / Formula Tue BM / Formula Ragi dosa Cheeku pieces Curd rice and vegetable mash BM / Formula Chicken soup with toast BM / Formula Wed BM / Formula Egg yolk on toast Sweet potato fries Idlis with sambhar BM / Formula Missi roti with matar paneer BM / Formula Thu BM / Formula Banana pancake Rusk/ teething biscuits Peas and potato curry with small parantha BM / Formula Small dosa with sambhar BM / Formula Fri BM / Formula Paneer bhurji sandwich Melon cubes Dalia Khichdi/ Broken Wheat Khichdi BM / Formula Dal parantha BM / Formula Sat BM / Formula Small Dosa Stewed apple and pear Chapati with dal and capsicum potato BM / Formula Veg pulaowith curd BM / Formula Sun BM / Formula Broken wheat porridge Papaya mash or cubes Rice withfish curry BM / Formula Vegetable soup and rice BM / Formula
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