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Question: 9month baby diet chart?? Plz

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Answer: Your baby needs nutrition for a healthy growth. So, the 9-month-old baby food chart should include all key nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, fibre. You can vary your options during the week from the food chart for 9-month-old baby listed below. -Early Morning Start the day with breastmilk or formula feed as this includes all the essential nutrients required for your baby’s growth. -Breakfast Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it’s best to concentrate on a protein-rich diet for your 9 month old. You can include options like moong dal chilla, plain dosa, and upma. -Mid-morning As this is a time to snack in before lunchtime, you can go ahead with fibre-rich options that keep your 9-month-old baby full till lunch. Try rice cereal, spinach soup and papaya puree. -Lunch Lunch being another important meal of the day in the food chart of 9-month-old baby, it should comprise of carbohydrates with options like curd rice, soya khichdi and milky bread stew. -Evening For evening time, it’s best to stock up on some fibre and calcium for baby with simple options like soups, apple slices, makhana kheer. -Dinner Dinner is the last meal of the day and is really important too. The baby food chart should include nutritious options like atta sheera, nutritious porridge and aloo paranthas. These will be rich in fibre and will be filling for baby old keeping him full for a longer duration. -Late Night This meal is to make your baby sleep peacefully. Breastfeed or formula feed will complete the day of your baby. You can always play around with these options listed in the food chart of 9-months-old baby and swap them within the meals.
Answer: Hello dear, Here I am sending some idea for baby diet plan. You can follow according to ur conviniance.... Early Morning 1/2 to 1 cup milk Breakfast.... Oats Apple porridge, Suji porridge, Sweet potato kheer, suji Upma Mid-Morning...... Banana slices, Water melon scoops Lunch..... Kitchari, curd mashed rice Afternoon...... Fruit Yogurt, Banana smoothie, Papaya milkshake,  Cheeku smoothie, Strawberry milkshake. Dinner....... Masoor dal khichdi,  Spinach Khichdi with curd...Half bowl is enough at a time and give 3 times in a day. Rest of time you can give formula or breast milk. 
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Question: 9month baby diet chart plz
Answer: Hi. Whatever the rest of your family eats can be eaten by them too! You only need to take care to avoid as much salt in the food as possible Dal is packed with protein which helps in muscle development. Dal curry can be eaten with rice or chapatti It’s easy to feed as it contains the goodness of all the vegetables you add in it! For instance, carrot soup would be good for the eyes and potatoes contain fibre. Paratha which is a regular food for the family that can easily be eaten by the baby too! The stuffing of vegetables or paneer makes it a balanced meal. Over cooking the chicken to make it softer is a good idea for your toddler Try this.menu Sunday Puri Bhajji, Watermelon Scoops, Khichdi, Cheese pieces, Barley Porridge Monday Besan ka Chilla, Bananaslices,Chappati and dal,Bread rolls, Paneer parantha Tuesday EggSandwich, Fried Apple rings, Curd rice,Ragi Laddu, Masoor dal kichdi with curd, Wednesday Caulifower parantha,Cucumber sticks,Rajma Rice,Banana Shake,Cereal with milk Thursday Idli,Ragi dosa,Kadhi Chawal,Chicken curry rice, Steamed dosa Friday Chapatti with soya chunks curried, Halved grapes, Mixed Veg Kichdi, Apple shake, Chicken soup Saturday Aloo parantha, Cereal with milk, French toast. Rice with egg curry, ,
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Question: 9month baby diet chart
Answer: Hello Dear, You may follow the following chart for your baby: Early Morning :- BM/Formula Breakfast :- Rice cereal with grated apple Oatmeal porridge with cheeku Egg yolk on toast Dalia/ Broken wheat porridge Paneer bhurji sandwich French toast Ragi porridge Mid-Morning :- Ripe papaya pieces Banana slices Halved or quartered grapes Rusk/ teething biscuits Melon cubes Cooked carrot sticks Cooked apple cubes Lunch :- Rice with chicken broth Vegetable fried rice with fish Vegetable pulao with curd Khichdi with veggies and curd Rice, masoor dal and pumpkin curry Chapati with dal and mixed vegetables Idlis with sambhar Afternoon :- BM / Formula Dinner :- Dosa with sambhar Chicken soup with toast Chapati with Bottlegourd curry Chapati with aloo gobhi matar (potato, caulifloer and peas curry) Missi roti with sweet pumpkin curry Rice and fish Jeera parantha with spinach and potato curry Latenight :- BM /Formula
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Question: 9month baby diet chart?
Answer: Hello dear. Let me give you a few recepies for your 9 month old baby: Breastmillk or formula plus Pureed fruits like banana, pears, peaches, apples. Pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes. Small amounts of curds. You can include soft noodles, rice and soft bread. To serve extra protein you can give nuts and dried fruits. Make sure your baby is not allergic to nuts. Take care.
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