Few weeks old baby

Question: Baby didn't pass from morning... Plz tell me whats the reason

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Answer: Ur question is incomplete...What did baby din pass? Urine or stool?
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Question: My baby 3month older he didn't pass the motion plz tell me about any tips
Answer: you can apply and press castar oil at the motion area so they get motion or apply cloth soap at that area while bath. You can take a towel and fold edges and apply at that area
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Question: My baby didn't pass the urin nd stool from one day...what is the reason???
Answer: Hi. Not pasding stool is fine but if she havent passed urine too you need to visit your doctor as soon as possible.
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Question: My baby didn't pass urine frm last ngt why what is the reason plz tel me
Answer: Hi,his us not a good sign. Please consult your Dr immediately about this till than continue your feed well
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