11 months old baby

Question: Baby didn't do potty for whole day . Is she constipated? What should I do

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Answer: Don't worry . Keep baby hydrated and provide fruits like ripe papaya
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Question: In whole day my baby is feeding only for an hour in total. Hence she remains hungry but when I try to feed her forcefully she starts crying. What should i do.
Answer: Dear I think baby is not getting proper feed that's why avoid taking feeding. If you are giving breast milk then express milk and feed in feeder. You can try with formula milk as well if she can drink. Otherwise baby will become dehydrated. Baby should take feed after every 2-3 hours interval or at least six to eight feeds in a day.
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Question: Hello, my baby didn't poop from last 2-3 days What should I do??
Answer: You take glass of water before and after feed and feed the baby every 2 hrs during day time and every 3 hrs during night time for a duration of 20-40min.massage on baby tummy with warm oil in anti clockwise direction. Still no progress then apply small amount of vasline at rectum, it stimulate motion.
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Question: It's been 3 days for my delivery now.. m feeling constipated so what should I do
Answer: Dear you should start taking papaya and at least two litre of water include broken wheat dalia and oats as well taking apple and fruits to keep digestion proper.
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