Few days old baby

Question: baby continues hiccups karata hai,solution please

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Answer: It's quite normal. It doesn't harm the baby. So don't worry it's fine
Answer: apki due date kya??
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Question: What is Hiccups solution for baby
Answer: Hello dear. Overfeeding is a common cause ofhiccups. If the stomach distends too fast or becomes too full, this can trigger. When breastfeeding, try slowing down feedings, and stop and burp your baby as you switch from one breast to the other. Here are a few tips to reduce the baby's hiccups. Taking a break from a feeding to burp your baby may help get rid of the hiccups, since burping can get rid of excess gas that may be causing the hiccups. Use a pacifier. Infant hiccups don't always start from a feeding. Let them stop on their own. Hold your baby upright for up to 20 minutes after each feed. Try giving your baby smaller but more frequent feeds. Take care.
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Question: Is continues kicking feeling refers to baby hiccups
Answer: Hi dear it could be as generally baby do have hiccup in Dese weeks as baby starts doing practice of breathing. It is purely natural.
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Question: Sometimes my baby get continues hiccups is it common?
Answer: Hi dear, Hiccups in baby's is mostly due to overfeeding and when the baby gulps too fast.though they are nothing to worry about but the baby would be too uncomfortable. Try to feed slowly and little at a time.try to control your milk flow by pressing your nipple a bit.else milk flow could be too much for the baby to swallow.also keep burping your baby after each feed.post burping switch over to another breast if required.
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