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Question: Baby boy of 1 year 2 months not drinking water or milk in feeding bottle n refuses tumbler also..sipper too tried..he s refusing..he s on mother feed only for full night n I think he s not getting enough milk in night n so cries often inbetween..how to manage..need some opinion pl

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Answer: Babies under a year old get most of the fluid they need from breast milk or formula, but after your child's first birthday, start making water a part of his daily routine. He'll still drink milk and possibly juice daily, but offering water regularly will help him get accustomed to the taste, so he'll be more likely to quench his thirst without always demanding a flavored or sugary beverage.
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Question: My son s not leaving my feed.. Hv tried everything...he s nt having cow milk neither from bottle nor from sipper...
Answer: I personally feel it is very healthy to give your milk unless and until there is no problem in milk secretion. If you still feel need to stop giving milk, then try giving more solid food with two hours time gap between each meal. Suggestions for solid food are health mix including millets, idly, dosai, banana, apple. If you start giving little by little itself slowly baby will reduce drinking mother's milk.
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