2 months old baby

Question: Baby body getting heat how to keep baby body cool

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Answer: confirm it's not fever. Check baby's clothing. Use simple soft cotton clothes, avoid hosiery too Try to keep the room temperature cool Do not wrap baby but cover body with loose and cotton clothes.
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Question: dono why my body getting so heat... plz suggest me anything to keep body cool
Answer: Avoid deep fried, sour, spicy, salty foods such as pickles, chilies and citrus foods. Instead eat foods that are cool, sweet, bitter, calming and astringent. Cucumber, curd, steamed green vegetables, rice, beans, coconut are good examples of such foods.Drink a lot of cool water as it is highly recommended for body heat treatment.Basil seeds are very good at reducing body heat. Soak some Basil seeds in water for some time and then have it with cold milk or any natural drink. Basil seeds mixed in rose water is one of the best drinks to have in summer as it cools down your system immediately.Tea made of coriander, fennel, cumin seeds and rose will help in improving digestion and relaxes the mind.
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Question: I m 7 weeks pregnent. My body is full heat how to cool body?
Answer: Hello dear To better handle all that extra blood, your blood vessels dilate slightly, allowing the blood to come of the surface, which can make you feel hot. You can follow the tips which I used during my pregnancy. Coconut Water:Drink at least three glasses of coconut water thrice in a week. Coconut water has properties that will help soothe and cool the body, thus reducing the body heat at the time of pregnancy. Fenugreek Seeds:To control the heat in the body at the time of pregnancy, it is important for women to consume fenugreek seed water every morning before breakfast. This home remedy also helps to reduce nausea.
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Question: plz recommend food to keep body cool,I'm always hot
Answer: The best option is watermelon.. and u can try cucumber also...
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