29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: baby almost kitne week me born hota hai

2 Answers
Answer: Hello! Baby ka waise koi fixed week main delivery nehi hota hain. But 37 weeks main baby ka full development ho Japanese hain aur uske vaad baby hone par full term mana jata hain aur uske pehle baby hone par prema mana jata hain.
Answer: About 40 or 44 k aas pas
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Question: double marker test kitne week me hota hai?
Answer: Double Marker test is performed to check the fetus having any abnormalities or not.double marker test available for fetus who suffer from Down's syndrome.It is usually done after 8 weeks of pregnancy up to 14 weeks. This test detects any kind of chromosomal abnormalities that might occur after the conception occurs. If the test result shows negative value that it confirms that your baby is free from any abnormalities.
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Question: baby movement kitne kitne time me hota hai.
Answer: The simplest one is to record the amount of time it takes for you to feel 6-7movements, such as kicks, rolls, or jabs. You should feel 6-7 movements in no more than two hours. Write down the time and day in a journal. May be you don't feel your babies move about 6-7 times in two hours. If you don't feel any movement in 24 hours. Visit ur doctor.
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Question: kitne week me baby born hota he???
Answer: Generally after 37weeks...however from 33 to 37 weeks, the baby should be fine, but it would have to stay at the hospital a bit to finish developing its immune system and putting on a tad bit more weight, unless there are health problems.
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