31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Baby agar breech position me ho to head down position me lane ka koi tarika hai kya..? Kitne % chances hai head down position me lane ke

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Answer: Do lots of walking and do sit ups by holding to some table or any support.. There are 80% chance that it'll change
Answer: Final position will be revealed in 9 month scan
Answer: walking is best idea.. but not 100%
Answer: Only walking can help it
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Question: Kitne % chances hote hain 35 week ke baad baby head down karta hai ( breech position se)
Answer: There are less chances, as baby has less room to move now. Since baby is in breech position which mean head up and legs down ( vertical position), baby has to move 360 degree in order to take head down. Which is little difficult. However, you never know what position baby will be in during the birth time. This thing cannot be predict till the last minute.
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Question: Am 33 weeks baby in breech position, is there chances for head to turn down
Answer: Hi dear,yes there is a high chance as a baby can turn at any time before 36 week..so,don't worry giving u some tips which may help-walk regularly for at least 30 mins,Use forward leaning inversion off d couch for 30-45 secs,for 5-7 times in a day,it will help to take ur baby in a head down position..
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Question: Baby head down position me aane ke kitne din baad delivery ho sakti hai
Answer: Delivery after 37 weeks can happen anyday.. but it is always good.to deliver full term.. hope this helps.all the best.
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