😊Hi dear.. here is the Constipation remedy 📌Use these tips it will help in easy motion. 👉Boil 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds(saunf) with 1 cup of water, strain and allow it to cool. Give 1-2 teaspoons three times a day. 👉Exercise: Moving a baby's legs can help relieve constipation.A warm bath. 👉Giving a baby a warm bath can relax their abdominal muscles and help them stop straining 👉Massage over the lower abdomen in clockwise direction. 👉Mother should drink more water to maintain good hydration. 👉 If your baby is eating solid foods, try pureed peas or prunes, which contain more fiber than other fruits and vegetables., And also feed warm water more oftenly. Thank you.
Dear if yr dr suggest u this syrup give it to baby according to ur drs prescripation. And pls check drs prescripation s dr has already suggest u on prescription . My dr suggest medicines for 15 days so pls check ur drs prescripation .tryit
8 months old baby1 Answers
Hi..u can give Smashed banana, Dal boiled in a semi liquid form with salt or mild masala, smashed potato, soups mixed veg soup...hope it helps
if your baby is having constipation then it is possible that baby has got cut on anus which is resulting in blood so please make sure to give lots of water to baby also give raisins water and oats it will help alot..massage hatami daily with iron circular motion and after that make her do cycling exercise. Apply glycerine or coconut oil on your baby's anus twice or thrice q day
The first food that you can introduce is start with rice and dal water, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot Puree, vegetables and fruits, porridges of rawa or ragi. Make sure you start with one spoon and increase it gradually. Also when you start something continue the same food for 3 days and then change. Hope this helps.
It is white okay for babies to pee more at times..yes it could be due to high consumption of water and fluids and also due to weather..as long as baby is active ,and not having any complain while peeing it is fine..