Start post pregnancy yoga with balance diet... It vl take time but definitely vl get result.. avoid or reduce sugar and salt
For weight gaining we can use dryfruits powder in every food while feeding i will be very useful for ur baby
Hello dear. Don't worry . U should not give her chapti in this age. Some light weight food will good for her. U can use suji ka halva.. Dal ka pani. Chaval ka pani and parle ji biscuit etc. It is very good for her that she eat less quantity of heavy food like chapati in this age. After 1.5 u can give her chapti. It's my opinion. Take care.
Hi dear 7 to 8 times peeing is good for the baby if its less then your baby is dehydrated and you have to give her water u can use any dusting powder like candid or sporlac after washing her private part then she will not scratch n rub that area.
Yes you can apply olive oil it is safe for babies in fact it is very good for massage also in winters