Hi dear. You breastfeed your baby more often because it has natural antibiotic in it so will help her to cure cough and will also not let her throat to feel dry. Take some warm Desi ghee and massage your baby's throat with it. Give steam or switch on cool mist humidifier. Avoid giving banana
Hi, why do u prefer for formula milk when u have ur milk.. There is no substitute for mother's milk. So if your milk is not sufficient for your baby please concentrate on increasing your milk. Consume spinach and fenugreek leaves everyday. If possible daily twice you can have it. Eat carrot whenever you are free. Drink more milk (at least half ltr) and if required you can also use powder which is exclusively made to increase the milk. If you add 2-3 Spoons of that powder it is more than sufficient production
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Hi dear, Even mine was C Section. U can take bath but be careful and gentile near operated area. Even I was scared of pus creations and all, try to avoid putting more water near operated area atleast for 15days.
अभी आप उसे बोतल दूध के साथ-साथ अन्य चीज़े भी खिलाना शुरू कर सकती है। जैसे कि- फलों और सब्जियों की प्यूरी आदि। इस उम्र में सिर्फ माँ का दूध ही काफी नहीं होता है। जितनी जल्दी आपका बच्चा सब कुछ खाने लगेगा आपके लिए ही सही होगा। आप चाहें तो उसे कटोरी-चम्मच से भी दूध पिला सकती है।