6 months old baby1 Answers
Hello dear. Congratulations on your motherhood, hope you are doing good. The first food that you can introduce is start with rice and dal water, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot Puree, vegetables and fruits, porridges of rawa or ragi. Make sure you start with one spoon and increase it gradually. Also when you start something continue the same food for 3 days and then change. Hope this helps.
Hi dear, sorry I don't know about some homemade kind of product but I would suggest you to use mild soap and shampoo for you baby which should be paraben and sulfate free, personally I am using mothercare products for my baby they are very gentle, you can give bath to you baby sometime by mixing oats in bath water, can I use coconut oil or olive oil instead of any chemical moisturizer. I hope this will
Hi dear..there is nothing to worry....you need to include in your baby diet Papaya, apple, brocolli, spinach, kale,almond,walnut and yoghurt.This is how baby's immune system develops. Take care
Hey dear, aap tension Na Le iska Ek bahut iji solution Hai Jo mere liye bahut work kiya hai aap bhi try karo Apne nipple per apna hi breastmilk lagao and deli gungune Desi ghee se nipple per halki massage karo I hope aapko bhi is Se aaram milega. Tc
Good afternoon... Dear bache 18 months ke andar kabhi bhi chalna suru kar sakte hain... Tension mat lein..