Juzzz stop wearing diaper for few days
Hi use some balancing wheel that will help her to stand and walk slowly. U can buy in children shop wooden triwheel stand
It's an prime minister narendra modi scheme where the 6000 benefit will be given to those ladies who has given birth in government hospital. If you have given birth and not claimed and if you are a nursing mother then you can contact anganwadi asha near your place. She will let you know complete procedure.
Walking is not a problem but your baby must have started to sit by now so you should consult to doctor once regarding this
No dear.. There should be no problem with that dear ..you can continue... My. Friend had malaria and the doctor suggested her to keep on feeding the baby.
Diluted khichadi is best for lunch and dinner. Morning u can take rice and dal, evening daliya khichdi. In between snacks could be sweet or salted suji/ragi. Fruits like apple, banana, chiku are just fine. Dont start with pomogranate or papaya before the kid turns 1yr. Home made palak or tomato soup are equally good and nutritional.