Hello!!! you can give him various types of fruits and vegetable puree. You can give him bananas, apples, pears, peaches, avocados(butter fruit), peanuts, sweet potato, peas, kaddu(pumpkin), papaya, pulse-rice. You can change it by changing things or mixing it out so that the baby gets interested in eating it.
Hey dr..how much weight did your baby had at time of birth? If it was between 2.5 to 2.7, then it is fine to have 7 kg weight for 7-month-old child. You can ask you dr. to know the growth chart . If your child is not gaining weight then her height will be definitely increasing. Do not give her cow's milk before 1 year. Now you start giving your child the mashed meal. As soon as your child grows, you should thicken (turn soild) her food, as well. Whichever fruits, vegetables that suit you, will also suit your child.. Take care
Hi my baby too used to cougha lot i gave her ajwain water, you can also give her chicken soup. Apply vicks on her chest and back this will be helpful .
helo frnd...Rashes in babies are mostly due to continuously wearing diapers. You can use the Atogla cream, it will give your child relief. You can then apply coconut oil, it is very beneficial for skin related problems. Do not always wear him diapers and sometimes keep it even open so that the place stays dry.
For my daughter doctor had suggested to use equal mixture of equal quantity of glycerin and rose water and told to apply it on the entire body except near the eyes. She had told mix it in rural quantity in a pump bottle so that it is easy to mix and pump it out for using.
Yes saffola plain oats r completely safe 4 baby.. oats r big source of Poatessiun &Iron ..u can give Oats wit milk...made oats just as poha...Grind the plain oats nd make chilla..add sooji in oats make idli.. u can give oats +mango+sugar +milk...just as mango can be replace wit apple..banana also.. try this.
Its normal dear if you have itching plz put dusting powder on that area.
Dear u r lacting mom.so domt take any medicine without consuting ur dr ask to ur dr nd then take medicine as ur dr suggest u ..Mix 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with some water or black tea, and have it two to three times a day.take 8 to 10glass water daily ,honey +ginger juuce gives u relief,gargle wit salt water ,ginger tea s also effective. Nd take steam twice a day too Try it