Yes jus go for it. Jus be careful that bites are small n soft. Also the vegetables are nt spicy n hard. It's good time to introduce d baby with solid n healthy food.
hi mum has your baby is 10 months now you can give most of the milk shakes like apple banana mango avacodaa kiwi milkshake you can add banana with avacoda. Mango with kiwi which gives you good taste you can also give dry fruits dates like you can make up fig and dates soaked in a milk for 1 hour and mix well in a blender which gives a good tasty milkshake add brown sugar or honey for test you can also add a scoop of ice cream preferably homemade
Hi dear..check if the baby is starting to teeth. When the teething process starts some babies experience motions, vomitings and also fever.. feed banana to ur little one. Take care
Hanji bilkul brush karana chahiye. Use any good tooth paste. I m using mamaearth awesome orange toothpaste for kids. It is sls free and my kids liking it.
Hi as there is no any such medicine which increases the appetite and instead of quantity important thing is baby gets sufficient amount of food if baby is active playful sleep well takes proper feed won't cry after feeding pee count is more than 6 weight is gaining then don't worry about the appetite and baby takes food as much as they want no need to worry about it. And give small quantity of food at regular intervals which helps in digestion. Take care
Consult to your doctor again, or change your doctor