Hi dear, I can totally feel your concern being a mother you must be worried about your baby's weight but it don't worry and keep on giving hard boiled and vegetable soup moong dal khichdi rice pomegranate juice Apple juice mashed banana fruit smoothies desi ghee butter cheese curd milk kind of things your baby will definitely give some more weight you can also start supplements why Consulting your doctor. Tc
6 years old baby1 Answers
Hey dearie, making kids eat proper and enough is such a great struggle of all moms of this time, your baby is big enough so you can give everything which you prepare for whole family , give lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables, give soaked nuts, add Desi ghee and dairy products in net diet.. you can get to know about yummy and healthy recipes from home page of app, I got lots of help from it..tc
At 6 months first introduce banana, apple, carrot and potato. Then give fruits like papaya, avacado, pear, chikoo, pomegranate and vegetables like pumpkin sweet potatoes, beetroot Introduce foods in the morning and give one fruit or vegetable a day. Grains like Dalia rice, oats, ragi. And Ghee, paneer, yogurt. The hard fruits or vegies can be boiled or roasted. Hope this helps take care 💝
Hey mum, relax.....it's probably common tell of every house. My son too a fussy eater so I used to prepare attractive colourfull parathas with vegetables, fruit smoothies, Atta pizza , veg biriyani etc in his diet & now he started really enjoying his feeding time. Hope it will work for your baby as well. 🙂🙂👍.