Dear, give your child high calories food and also give multivitamin syrup to improve appetite. Full cream milk, paneer, yoghurt, egg lean meet, nuts, beans, potato ,sweet potato ,banana should be in your childhood diet. Hope it helps
igG पॉजिटिव का मतलब यह होता है की आपको पहले measles/cytomegalovirus इन्फेक्शन हो चूका होगा जिसके कुछ अंश शरीर में बचे होंगे। IgM पॉजिटिव रिजल्ट का यह मतलब भी हो सकता है की अभी भी इसके बैक्टीरिया आपके शरीर में एक्टिव है। आपको प्रेगनेंसी प्लानिंग करने के लिए अभी कुछ महीने इंतज़ार करना होगा। लेकिन आपका IgG पॉजिटिव है, आप प्रेगनेंसी प्लानिंग कर सकती हैं। यह पूरी तरह से सुरक्षित है।
Dear baby is 2 year so please give proper 3 course meal with snacks and milk to baby and if baby don't eat then please don't force feed baby at all... Give small bites in between.. let baby eat by herself sometime and also sit and eat with baby... Talk alot with baby and sing rhymes that will help baby to start talking...
You can get constipation at anytime. increase your fibre intake in form of vegetables fruits and cereals and also drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily to avoid this problem.
2 years old baby1 Answers
Dear this is just the normal behaviour of a 2 year old the best way is to be a little ignorant when she's angry and when she is fine then you should politely explain what is correct I know you may feel your baby is not listening to you but if you keep repeating then she will definitely listen
Hello You should try home remedies. Please give her ginger juice with honey. Or hot sarso oil with garlic. And apply this on her chest. Two three times a day. And don't give oily food.