Nahi...koi prblm ni hogi..time to time change karte rehna chaiye
Hi dear, do not get so tensed, You can manage your weight easily. You are already trying so hard result should come. Actually, one thing I wanted to tell dear, The thing is that you have mentioned that you have tried everything like exercise and fasting and all so I was thinking could there be some problem for this. My bhabhi also had this problem and she started gaining weight suddenly, initially everyone thought it is because she got married and many girls gain weight after marriage. She also tried so many things like exercise, dieting and all. Later on, it was found that she is having a thyroid problem and because of which she is gaining weight and anything is not helping her in reducing weight. When she started taking medicines for thyroid her health improved a lot. Dear, I would suggest you to go for a check-up too. All the best dear
Hi, try to give more of rest to the baby , it helps to recover faster. Also give steam, massage of warm mustard oil along with garlic cloves heated together, for cough give ginger and honey thrice a day . Also keep the head a little elevated this will help the baby to breathe properly.
Hi give her all the homecooked food such roti Partha veggies fruits dry fruits legumes veggies nuts peanut beans rice dal kichadi oatmeal Partha veggies fruits dry fruits legumes nuts peanut cereals pulses milk and milk products sprouts whole grains bread butter other dairy products dates which helps take care
you should this is not for boils caused because of burn. Your bbay need proper treatment or it can lead to infection.
Hi dear, it is good that you are taking good amount of water everyday. Water helps in improving the symptom of constipation. Actually, apart from water you should also drink lot of fruits that has fibre in it. I also suffer from constipation and thats how I know about these fibre fruits and all. I feel that they are helpful for me. You can try eating these fruits too. You can eat fruits like oranges, banana, dry fruits like almonds. Add saag items in your food like spinach saag, methi saag. Sometimes what I do is I mix spinach in my regular dal and cook them together. You can also make a similar dal with bottleguard. It tastes good and does not take much time also. Things life feenel, amla and ajwain water are good for digestion even ginger. Eat them like mouth freshner whenever you get time. And dear one very important thing pleas go for walk or some other exercise becuase many times when you have less movement this constipation happens. Take care dear.