There could be many factors behind the rapid increase in kids weight. Occasionally it is also genetic. The sooner the control becomes, the better it is. You should meet a good genetic counselor and endocrinologist so that you understand the reason behind this, so that you can balance it well. Remove the substances containing sugar, oil and carbohydrate completely in his food. Ask him to play outside. Inspire him to participate in other competitions in the school. Do not make his habit of watching TV sitting in the house.
Not really dear. Due to stomach gas you can feel bubbling movement. If there is any chance of pregnancy weight at least 7 to 10 days then take pregnancy test to get a confirm result. All the best.
No there is nothing like that you stop feeding baby milk will dry on itself
Dear consult to ur pediatrian nd give paracetamol tablet or syrup as ur dr suggest u .but make sure give paracetamol dose acvording to ur drs prescripation try it dear if fever s more than 5 days then go 4 test .try it
Dear excesss quanity of choclate s not good aa its increase babies sugar level nd cause tooth decay too so avoid giving choclate too.dear all babies have same issue they dont want 2 take food so dear lets him busy in watching tv..watching cartoons...lishning rhymes ..or any musical toys or his favourite toys ..when see he busy then feed food 2 baby.nd give his favourite food too . Try it if irs works its good otherwise ask to ur dr he ll gives medicine nd he ll hungry nd take food by his own. Try it .
Let him brush twice ND check for any cavity
Aur mara dosra baby 14 months ka ha wo egg sa milk sa white koi be chage ho darta ha nahi khata ha us ka kya karu plz ans
Hey ... now your pregnancy is increasing so baby weight is also increase this will put pressure on your stomach back and vagina . you should walk more be more active this will slow down your pain