There could be many factors behind the rapid increase in kids weight. Occasionally it is also genetic. The sooner the control becomes, the better it is. You should meet a good genetic counselor and endocrinologist so that you understand the reason behind this, so that you can balance it well. Remove the substances containing sugar, oil and carbohydrate completely in his food. Ask him to play outside. Inspire him to participate in other competitions in the school. Do not make his habit of watching TV sitting in the house.
Actually last trimester baby movements would be less. As the baby growth is rapid and space in uterus is less for baby to move much..even i have faced less movements in my last trimester..but in case you are feeling any suspicious about it ,do get a scan done too...
Can make halua type di's , fruits can mess like apple ,bnanna etc
Do you give milk when baby get up you have to make a proper schedule because soon he will start going to school make a time table and it's normal sometime baby don't feel hungry early morning even my son eats around 10 so before that I give milk and fruits to him
Dear if ur sons penis s not open yet as he s 7 years old so consult to ur dr he ll do Circumcision nd it ll be open .nothing to worry abht sane happens to my devrani lo nd no home remedies work then her dr do Circumcision nd its open . So dont worry consult to ur dr .