Hi use neam leaves paste grind in mixer apply on scalp let it be for 10 to 15 min wash it. Or you can boil neam leaf and use that water also. This you can apply for whole body too . This reamdy is very effective I use to do for my baby since he was I month old , dettol wash also regulary he never had itching problem during bathing time you can do that once a week is enough. If using neam water than boil few neam leaf daily in bathing water.
dear this is a possibility that your baby is having some allergy now I am not sure how much it is you can even get checked from a doctor. Apply some coconut oil or mustard oil and see if it reduces
There is nothing to worry dear... Babies at this age go through s lot of changes... They have many things in mind but cannot say and hence they start reacting.. I have seen my son also go through it.. Try to stay calm, do not shout or hit as they will follow the same... Patiently handle them and explain them this is not right... Slowly it will get better as days go, just s phase dear.
Put on moisturizer atleast 3 to 4 times that is what I follow..also I mix glycerin and water in same ratio and put it on the skin of the baby..it is very good you can try ...but make sure not to take the baby to sun as it can tan the skin.
try to take your baby outside play outside game hide your mobiles.. give warn to her