Hi dear. Your friends are right. Inter caste and inter religion marriages are governed by The Special Marriage Act. It's rules and regulations are a little different from the general laws. It applies to hindus, muslims, sikhs, christians,etc. For marriage under this Act, you need to file a notice of your decision to marry each other, with the Marriage Registrar of the district in which at least 1 of you two has lived for at least 30 days before the date on which such notice is being filed. The marriage is then said to be registered after 30 days from the date on which such notice has been published. But if any person related to you two has issues with this marriage and the Registrar finds it to be a reasonable cause of issue, then he can cancel the marriage on such grounds. For a valid marriage, it is also required that both of you give your consent to the marriage in front of the Marriage officer and 3 witnesses.