Hi.. Babies tend to have colder hands and feet because of the circulation in their little bodies. The cold tends to work it's way out as they get older. The best way you can tell if your baby is hot or cold is to feel the back of their neck. If it is cold, then they are cold, if it's warm, then they are fine. I have used this several times with my son and he's always ok.
Few days old baby1 Answers
Hi dear jaundice in newborns can last from for 15 days to one month. If it is too high then you have to take phototherapy to cure it and also expose your baby in morning sunlight for 2 hrs minimum daily. Its help to reduce bilirubin level in newborns and cure jaundice. Hope it helps.
Hi, Yes small amounts of salt indiet of babies is nothing to be worried about. They need less than 1g per day until they are one year old