Its an community of moms and moms to be and experts. In case you didnt recieve the answer in your questions, repost the question and also ask in chat group and doctors live session to get addressed as early as possible. Here all moms help each other to best possible way. Hope you Understand.
Hey that's a milk blister.even in had it ..quite painful I know..use warm compress on the nipples ,hope it breaks on its happens due to blocked milk ducts..if nothing works then get it done from doctor..they do it with syringe..
If your baby is breastfed,then this is quite doctor said breastfed babies can go without pooping for a week long as the poop is soft,dnt worry..babies would also exert pressure and turn red while pooping.but if the poop is soft , not to worry.. Only for formula fed baby this could be sign of constipation.. So report to doctor if baby also has blood in poop..
1 months old baby1 Answers
Having maggie or pasta occasionally is not a problem at all if u are a breastfeeding mother but it is not nutritious. So, have it but in limit and focus more on well balanced diet.
Yes it is absolutely ok.
Hi dear...usually formula feed baby do green potty...don't worry...takecare 😊
It is due to infectn dear, give sporolac sachet dear