My dear frnd.. BCG is a vaccacine that is given to your baby in between 15 days from her birth. This is necessary to save her from TB. Fever is very normal after this. Dont take tension. If the fever doesnot go in a day go to the doctor.
HEY DEAR I hope you know that your body is going through harmonal changes and it will show in someway. Yes, I too had the breast pain problem and its common. Thats why sometimes one breast is smaller and other is bigger in shape and sometimes milk comes from one but not from the other. There is nothing to worry in it. The pain might be one sided because of your duct getting blocked or closed. Relax and use hot water bag. It will be fine.
Yes dear frend.. you can surely store it. I am a working woman so this is the only option I had to feed my baby, but keep in mind that if you are keeping it at normal temprature then the baby should have it within 3-6 hours. And if you are keeping it in fridge it can be used for 3 days.
Hie dear.. If your body is unable to produce enough milk then take fenugreek (methi)seeds, fennel seeds(saunf), cumin(jeera), and drink milk and luke warm water. Gently massage your breats and keep trying to feed your breastmilk to your baby.
Dear if baby has gas problem than Than baby can cry. Now baby is smiling means baby growth is good. So these are normal physical development .
It depends on baby feeding dear. actually at that time my baby takes 90 to 120
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If baby is not taking enough feed then it can be happen. well generally urine colour will be lightly yellow . if baby has some irritation while Peeing then it can be due to urine infection