Hello, if baby is 6th month then you can introduce solid food. You can do lots of experiments in later days but now to start with some simple and easy thing u can try which my baby also had during initial days. Mashed banana, stewed apple, well steamed and pureed vegetables like carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin , french beans or pulse soup (moong dal ka pani). My baby use to love all these, hope your little one would also like it :)
It toom me 9 months to get back on my periods. The longer it takes the better it is for you.
Hi dear get your thyroid checked... I hapoens when thyroid get increase. Also reduce your salt intake and start drinking more water. Tc
Dear avoid cow milk for baby till one year.it could trigger loosemotion or constipation too..babies get allergic to it..moreover it is low in nutrition content.if your milk is not enough then better start formula milk