Baby ko kabhi bhi ho sakta hai diarrhoea agar baby ka potty bhot patla bilkul water jesa aa raha hai toh woh diarrhoea hai jab baby ko diarrhoea hota hai toh baby ek din mein 5-6 times potty karte hai woh bhi patla sa
Use Rhine nasal drop and doctor has suggested me this 2 drops four times a day for snoring like sound.
Sucking hand is a motor skill that baby has developed it has nothing to do with hunger so please don't worry if your baby is urinating more than 7 times in a day it means that your baby is taking plenty of milk
At 4 months, babies usually take 120 to 180 ml per feeding every 4-5 hrs gap. Hope this will help!
Try having warm water only. It is helping me in reducing my belly
Yes dear baby Vicks is safe to use for baby... My sister baby is 2 month and having cough cold she is also using it...
use gripe water or omam water with breast milk continuosly 3 times a day