32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: babies photo

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Answer: Dear please post a full question so that you can get a answer for your query..
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Question: Any photo contest going?
Answer: Hii right now no photo contest is going on as in but we keeps on having such contest so for better update do like our Facebook page of healofy English as well Hindi . Yes we are going on some live answer and question. Round from past few days. U can participate in that and can have lots of fun and win some prizes . Njoy . All the best.
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Question: What is the photo therapy..??
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Phototherapy is treatment with light. It is used in some cases of newborn jaundice to lower the bilirubin levels in your baby's blood through a process called photo-oxidation. This makes it easier for your baby's liver to break down and remove the bilirubin from their blood. Take care m
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Question: How to attached that photo to u
Answer: Hi dear u can't attach the pics in this. U can ask question
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