17 months old baby

Question: Babby still drinking milk with feeding bottle, when will he stop using bottle

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Answer: Hi! Bottle should have been weaned at 1 year of age, it is said to harmful and create a lot of oral disfunction due to sucking. Offer him liquids in tumbler, open cups, sippy or straw cups without any further delay. He will make a mess initially but its worth going for the mess. Hope this helps!
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Question: When to stop bottle feeding
Answer: Hi dear it is the right age to stop bottle feeding you can start sipper or glass bottles are not good as they can give cholic glass is best and if baby cannot get adjusted you can use sipper good luck
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Question: My baby is 3 yrs old. still he wakes up in the midnight and drinks milk frm bottle. Hw to stop bottle feeding.. and he wets bed also. so I'm using diaper. Hw to stop this.
Answer: hello.. dear at this age cut down of milk will help your baby weight gain and improvement for babys bed wetting...also avoid diaper daily. infact stop using diaper... whenever your baby ask for bottle for milk try to divert his concentration and try to give water... its hard i know but you have to try... all the best
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Question: hi.. my baby is 2 months old.. when he was born from day 1 I use to breastfeed him.. but after some days when he got cold I feed him with bottle with breast milk in it.. from that day he only drinks milk with the bottle.. I pump the milk daily for him.. I don't want him to drink the milk with bottle. when I try to feed him he starts crying loudly.. how should I stop feeding him with bottle
Answer: Hi First of all stop feeding the baby with bottle and offer your breast milk with spoon. When a baby has no other sucking outlet such as a bottle he will be more motivated to go back to the breast. It could also be a nursing strike which usually lasts two to four days, but it may last as long as ten days. Breast refusal is stressful, but it is almost always possible to overcome it and return to breastfeeding. Spend time touching and in skin-to-skin contact. When not feeding, hold baby with his bare torso against your skin, and stay that way as much as possible. This is soothing to both of you, and the hormones released make baby more open to breastfeeding. Try feeding in different positions, side lying position may help. You can dream feed the baby. Hope these points will help.
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Question: How do i start milk with glass to my 3 year baby...he is still drinking milk with bottle
Answer: Sippiy glasses are available in stores .
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